Medical Travel

  • Book an appointment online or Walk in IClinic

  • Consult the doctor

  • Understand the treatment procedure

  • Basic investigation or previous investigation report

  • Decide on location & hospital

  • Receive best quote

  • Get Best Treatment

  • Buy medicine at pharmacy

  • Fly back home

How it Works for Patients

iSON Health is a global platform of trusted partner hospitals and clinics worldwide. To schedule an appointment or to get a personalized treatment cost estimate, a patient simply submits an inquiry via or visits our ISON clinic in his/her respective area. By telling us their preference for Medical Treatment/Procedure and the destination they are open to travel to, the patients are then contacted by our Medical Travel consultants who help them organize their medical records, check for any specific needs that they may have, and plan their travel abroad accordingly.

iConcierge Service: Through iConcierge service, iSON Health helps you to get world class treatment in leading Medical Travel Hubs/Markets across the globe. Throughout the patient’s medical travel, iConcierge service is available, should any support or assistance be needed.

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