About Us

iSON Health, a Global Initiative of the iSON group, aims to offer medical services in the developing countries. iSON Health endeavors to provide High Quality, yet Affordable medical services. We provide access to quality healthcare for everyone, regardless of location, time frame or budget. Patients can connect with internationally-accredited hospitals and doctors through Digital Platform or can travel to receive medical care services if needed. Our mission is to bring the most Affordable & High Quality healthcare to your doorstep.

iSON Health Offers You

  • More than 1,500+ Qualified & Experienced multi-country Specialist Doctors at your disposal

  • An International chain of 100+ iSON Clinic centers – first of its kind

  • Doctor Search & Online Appointment booking

  • A state-of-the-art Healthcare iSON Clinic center at your doorstep

  • Keeps track of patient records for ready reference

  • Book Appointment 24 x 7

  • Healthcare for every budget

ISON Clinic in Your City

iSON Health ensures that you get the right Doctor and treatment for your immediate health needs. With our chain of centers in your city, we bring the most experienced and knowledgeable Doctors to your location. iSON Health’s centers are well-equipped with panel of experienced Doctors to manage your basic healthcare, equipment to get your medical tests done and also a well-stocked Pharmacy.

Global Doctors in Your City

iSON Healthcare brings to you specialized Doctors, Consultation Platform, wherein a patient can get medical consultation from our Global Network of Specialist Doctors. We offer you a platform to register with us and choose a specialized consulting Doctor of your choice. You can book a slot for a real-time face-to-face consultation over our Digital Platform and upload your medical tests as repository for consultation & records.

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