What is iSON Health?

iSON Health is a Global Healthcare Service Provider, providing end-to-end Healthcare Services through Icliniks in your locality, E-consultations through Internet, mobile devices and medical treatments through a global network of Hospitals. Icliniks are designed to assist patients face-to-face as well as in communicating with the Multi-disciplinary Medical Experts through E-consultation in order to offer health consultations in real time. Key focus is to increase customer convenience by offering easier access to the services provided by iSON Health’s team of specialist doctors, nurses and multidisciplinary experts.

What services does iSON Health provide?

iSON Health provides Healthcare Services through an Iclinik located near you equipped with our Doctors, Nurses and Para-medical Staff. E-consultation offers you an option of real-time consultations with doctors via video calling, available 24 hours a day, as well as home visits to take blood samples and deliver medication. Apart from visiting Icliniks for all Health-related services and getting face-to-face consultations, our customers can also access iSON Health services from any place, easily, conveniently, without wasting any time.

Ways of accessing iSON Health services

  1. Visit an Iclinik nearest to you
  2. Register with iSON Health Website
  3. Download iSON Health Mobile Application (Android and iOS)

Service fees, Lab Tests and Medicines

Consultation fee would be charged as per the consultation services chosen and vary for face-to-face consultation as well as for E-consultation as per the Medical Expert and Chosen Country. Those using Consultation Services (Face-to-face or E-consultation) will receive 20% discount on medicines and free Immunization Services as per the schedule of Iclinik. Lab Test charges will be as per the rate card for the test done.

Does an appointment need to be made in advance?

iSON Health Services can be availed using Iclinik or through E-consultation:

  1. Iclinik visit can be walk-in or can be scheduled on phone as well as through iSON Health Website.
  2. E-consultation services of iSON Health do not require appointments to be made in advance.

Global Panel of Multi-disciplinary Doctors

The team on hand consists of doctors in numerous fields, including internal medicine, pediatrics, gynae as well as preventive medicine. Global team of Doctors have been carefully chosen and are specialists in their respective fields.

I am concerned about my personal data. How will iSON Health protect it?

iSON Health places the utmost importance on every stage of data security by working in accordance with the key principles laid down by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the international standard to which hospitals across the globe adhere to. After Registration Process, you will be setting up a PIN code of your choice. Every time you wish to access personal medical information, you will be required to enter your PIN code.

Can I claim Insurance to pay for iSON Health services?

Insurance Claim entirely depends on the type of health insurance and the company a person is covered by. It is best to make an inquiry directly with the insurance company or organization through which you wish to make a claim.


Medicines prescribed can be bought at the Pharmacy operational at the Iclinik. Alternatively, you can buy Medicines from any independent Pharmacy chosen by you.

How can I register to begin using the services?

  1. When you visit Iclinik, our staff will help you with the registration process.
  2. You register by entering your personal details, including first name, surname, date of birth, national ID card / passport number and gender.
  3. Alternatively, you can register through iSON Health website by entering the above details.
  4. You can also register through iSON Health Mobile Application.

When should I not visit Iclinik?

  1. Emergency conditions
  2. Any condition deemed to require immediate surgery or medical treatment

Typical Use-case Scenario

Patient has a headache, nasal discharge and coughing. He wants to use iSON Health services. First, he decides to visit Iclinik. After that, the patient will be helped by iSON Health staff to register. If he is already registered, the nurse will retrieve his medical history and screen him for health problems that are suitable for this program and must not be emergency cases. After the screening process, the patient will then see the doctor who will provide health consultation based on the presented signs and symptoms. After the consultation, the patient can have medication prescribed by the doctor or get the Lab Tests done at the Iclinik if required. If the patrient requires advance consultation by an Expert Doctor, he would be referred for the E-consultation and will move for the same within Iclinik to the E-consultation room.

For payment, the patient can pay through various methods such as credit card or mobile banking. He will receive a summary report by email.

General Usage

Q: Why is iSON Health launched?
A: iSON Health is providing Healthcare Services which enable us to provide healthcare for our patients any place, any time, in a prompt and affordable manner. An extensive range of services is on offer, including consultation with specialist doctors, home delivery of medication or home visits to take blood samples if required, thereby ensuring the utmost comfort and convenience for our patients.

Q: Can I use iSON Health services abroad?
You are able to use iSON Health services anywhere in the world.

Q: How, and to what extent, will levels of safety be maintained in terms of the care advised by iSON Health?
iSON Health always places patient safety at the forefront of our priorities. The services offered through iSON Health will be provided in accordance with hospital level standards of care, delivered by our team of specialists and professional nurses in order to ensure the utmost safety for iSON Health customers.

Q: Will I need a PIN code to log in?
iSON Heath holds patient data confidentiality in the highest regard, meaning that all ICliniks work in accordance with internationally recognized data safety standards. Hence, once a patient has successfully registered to use the services, they will be asked to set a PIN code to confirm their identity each time they log in to use iSON Health services. Patients should therefore take great care to keep their PIN code private.

Q: What should I do if I forget my PIN code?
You are able to set a new PIN code by selecting “Settings” from the menu -> select “Personal information” -> select “Change PIN code” -> select “Forgot PIN code?”, and the system will send a new PIN code to the email address you registered with.

Q: How can I change my PIN code?
You can change your PIN code by selecting “Settings” from the menu -> select “Personal information” -> select “Change PIN code” and enter your existing PIN code. You will be asked to enter your desired new PIN code twice to complete the PIN code change.


Q: Are the doctors providing the consultation specialist doctors?
The team providing our services consists of doctors in numerous fields, including orthopedics, gynaecologist, pediatrics, neurology, oncology, emergency services as well as preventive medicine. Every member of our team has been carefully chosen and clinically trained to the high standards expected of iSON Health.

Treatment Information

Q: How will my treatment information be displayed?
Upon completion of the consultation through iSON Health you receive a summary report exclusively produced by a doctor. The report is displayed in the iSON Health app. You will also be notified of various other information through registered channels, such as email. Additionally, any treatment information will be stored safely and securely in the hospital records, just as if you were to visit any IClinik for treatment.

Q: How will my medication information be displayed?
iSON Health does display prescribed medication in the consultation summary provided by the doctor.

Q: How will treatment information correlate with any existing treatments?
Any information related to treatment provided through iSON Health will be stored in your hospital records, just as if you visited any IClinik for treatment.


Q: What payment channels are available?
The system supports self-pay channels, including credit card payment and mobile banking transfers. Alternatively, you can find out more information about payment channels by visiting IClinik.

Q: How secure are the payment systems?
iSON Health payment systems are developed by an Internationally recognized Payment gateway. We adhere to the strictest global safety standards and offer protection from data theft through the use of our services.

Q: How will I know if my payment has been successful?
Once your payment is complete, the system will automatically send a receipt to your registered email address, and the payment section on the application displaying service fees will change from “payment required” to “payment received”.

Q: Will I be given a detailed breakdown of the service fees before making payment?
You will be notified as to the cost of each individual service received prior to every payment request.

Q: What should I do if I want a hard copy of my payment receipt?
If you would like a hard copy of your receipt, please contact IClinik staff to process your request.


Q: How does iSON Health benefit me as a patient?

  • Access to Global Eco-system of Multi-speciality Doctors
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenience
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